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Wacker Plate Spares

In the UK, the name Wacker plate is used commonly to refer to plate compactors. The word originates from Wacker Neuson, a German company which manufactures construction compactors, amongst other equipment.

A Wacker plate or plate compactor, is used to reduce the size of material mass through compaction. The most common types of compactors are plate compactors, jumping jacks and rollers for larger, heavy duty jobs.

Stihl Chainsaw Parts

The majority of chainsaws users are professional arborists, carpenters, home owners or farm owners. A chainsaw is a powerful tool used to trim and cut down trees and branches – it consists of three basic elements – the power head (engine), a guide bar and a saw chain.

Loncin Parts Dealer UK

Loncin are Chinese manufacturers and distributors of a wide range of engines and power equipment, with their headquarters based in Chongqing in South West China. It was founded in 1993 where it began producing engines for motorcycles, before expanding to other areas – the modern-day company offers an extensive product range suitable for use in various industries. Products include:

Kubota Parts Dealer UK

Based in Osaka Japan, Kubota are manufacturers of agricultural and other heavy equipment. First established in 1890, the company began by producing cast iron pipes for the Japanese water supply before moving on to oil based engines for agro-industrial purposes. In 1960 Kubota developed the first Japanese tractor for commercial use, they then went on to produce paddy field tractors.

Yanmar Parts Dealer UK

With over 100 years of history, Yanmar are world leading manufacturers of a wide range of industry based products – probably best known across the globe for their diesel engines.  Founded in 1912 by Yamaoka Hatsudoki Kosakusho, the company originally started producing gas engines. In 1925 the first oil engine for fishing boats was released, with Yanmar moving quickly on to develop small sized engines, mainly used in the marine industry. Yanmar Agricultural Co.

How To Maintain A Concrete Mixer

A concrete mixer, more commonly referred to as a cement mixer, is a piece of equipment specifically designed to homogeneously combine cement, sand/gravel or other aggravates with water to form concrete. The standard concrete mixer blends the material together using a revolving drum. For most smaller jobs, portable mixers are generally sufficient, however for larger jobs, in-transit mixers are often used.

A concrete mixer with a diesel-powered engine is an investment – regular maintenance is essential to prolong its life as much as possible.

How To Maintain Your Petrol or Diesel Lawnmower

In order to maintain your mower in tip top working condition, basic care is essential. The average home owner has a push mower – generally with a petrol or diesel powered engine. There are also an increasing number of electric or cordless battery operated push mowers on the market – which although not as powerful as the petrol or diesel powered alternatives, benefit from being exceptionally low maintenance.

Changing Your Lawn Mower Engine

During the spring and summer months, mowing the lawn becomes something of a weekly routine. Due to heavy use, the engine of your mower may suffer from the effects of wear and tear; however, rather than replacing the whole mower, it may be more economical to change the engine. All lawn mowers follow the same basic principal – a rotated blade is powered by a motor.

There are two types of lawn mower – the rotary mower and the self-propelled mower.

Rotary Mower

rotary mower

Starter Motors and Alternators For Diesel & Marine Engines

Starter motors are typically divided into two different categories: the conventional type and the reduction type.

starter motorDifferent categories of conventional starters:

Dumper Trucks - What Are They Used For?

Mainly used on the construction site, dumper trucks are used for the transportation of various loose materials such as sand, earth and gravel. The dumper typically carries its load in a skip which is situated in front of the driver – using hydraulics, the skip tips to dump the load. The modern day dumper can be used in a variety of different projects to transport various materials around the site.

What Are Dumper Trucks Used For?

Dumper and dump trucks are used in the following industries:


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