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Stihl is a German manufacturer of power tools, renowned across the globe for their outstanding quality, durability and service. Founded back in 1926, when Andreas Stihl designed and built the first chainsaw. The company has continued to grow ever since, designing a number of consumer products as well as professional forestry and agricultural equipment for landscape maintenance.

They are perhaps best known for their chainsaws, which have been the world’s best-selling since 1971 and are the only chainsaw manufacturers to make their own chainsaws and guide bars.

Stihl has a network of 45,000 approved dealers in over 160 countries and demonstrates world-leading innovations on designs and improved functionality across all of their product range.

Stihl Chainsaws

When looking to purchase a chainsaw, Stihl is one of the most sought after and trusted brands. Offering an exceptional product range, including petrol chainsaws, cordless chainsaws and electric chainsaws suitable for garden maintenance, agricultural and forestry cultivation as well as orchard and plantation cultivation with power ratings from 1.2 kW to 6.4 kW (1.6 HP to 8.6 HP). Stihl also provide an outstanding selection of guide bars, accessories, saw chain loops and reels.

Additionally, Stihl supplies a cordless Li-ion telescopic pole pruner with outstanding cordless cutting power to reach branches up to 5 metres, allowing operators to remain standing safely on the ground.

Grass Trimmers, Brush Cutters and Clearing Saws

This product range is designed to reach areas of long grass and awkward patches the mower has difficulty reaching, as well as keeping edges looking neat and tidy. Grass trimmers and brush cutters can be purchased in cordless models, lightweight models or more heavy-duty petrol models with accessories. Different cutting tools are available for thinning out overgrown thickets and mowing small and difficult to access areas of grass. The powerful petrol clearing saws are ideal for clearing vegetation or shrub land. Models fitted with the STIHL 4 MIX engines provide increased fuel efficiency as well as being more environmentally friendly.


The Kombi system is a multipurpose machine with one powerful petrol engine and various attachments allowing users to cut hedges, blow leaves, trim lawn edges, sweep open spaces, turn borders and more, all with minimal effort. The attachment tool boasts a practical quick release function enabling a quick Kombi Tool change – making multiple tasks quick and non-fatiguing.

Hedge Trimmers and Long Reach Hedge Trimmers

Stihl offer hedge trimmers and long reach hedge trimmers in petrol, electric or cordless models with accessories to match. Perfectly suited for work in parks and gardens, designed for the best and most comfortable cutting performance. Whatever the height or thickness the hedge is, Stihl hedge trimmers and long reach hedge trimmers will tackle the job quickly and effectively.

Blowers and Vacuum Shredders

Whether it’s for home garden maintenance or commercial use such as in gardens, parks or other public areas, the Stihl range of blowers and vacuum shredders can clear general debris away quickly and efficiently.

For dense layers of wet leaves, chippings, small branches and heavier debris, Stihl offer the powerful petrol blower available as a hand-held blower or a backpack blower. There is also the quiet and easy to use electric blower and the cordless Li-ion hand held blower both ideally suited to clearing paths, pavements and other walkways.

The Stihl vacuum shredders are capable of picking up immense volumes of vegetation debris, whilst finely shredding it at the same time allowing direct use for composting or mulching.


Stihl offer both manual and cordless Li-ion sweepers suitable for clearing paths, parks and driveways 6 times faster than with a broom. The KG550 for smaller areas or the larger KG770 provides the perfect solution for courtyards, school playgrounds, drives, petrol stations and warehouses, be it fine, coarse, heavy or wet waste.

Viking Products

Part of the Stihl group since 1992, Viking products are designed to offer outstandingly high quality – they offer a wide range of high end lawn mowers, lawn tractors, tillers, scarifiers and garden shredders.

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