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With over 100 years of history, Yanmar are world leading manufacturers of a wide range of industry based products – probably best known across the globe for their diesel engines.  Founded in 1912 by Yamaoka Hatsudoki Kosakusho, the company originally started producing gas engines. In 1925 the first oil engine for fishing boats was released, with Yanmar moving quickly on to develop small sized engines, mainly used in the marine industry. Yanmar Agricultural Co. Ltd was later established as the company began to develop tractors, planting machines, combine harvesters and other agricultural equipment.

Today the Yanmar product range is not only vast but indispensable to a wide range of industries from marine, to construction – contact your local Yanmar dealer for more information.

Yanmar Construction Products


Yanmar introduced the first compact excavator to the world in 1971 and have been leading manufacturers ever since with their range of compact excavators.

Wheel loaders/Shovels

Mobile shovels to move material around the construction site, Yanmar Wheel loaders are heavily used in the construction and agricultural sector.


Yanmar manufacture both tracked and narrow carriers/dumpers to carry and transport material around the construction site. Some of which are specifically designed to fit into narrow areas difficult to access on-site.

Agricultural Products


Yanmar tractors are well suited to various agricultural roles as well as larger lawns and gardens offering low fuel consumption.

Combine Harvesters

These complex agricultural machines were originally developed to cut crops and remove their husks (coverings) in one operation – Yanmar manufacture both conventional and head feeding combine harvesters.

Rice Transplanters

An excellent way of planting rice seedlings, this product is mainly used Asia in the rice paddies.


An indispensable tool used in the preparation of crops or in smaller non-commercial gardens. Yanmar manufacture power tillers for professional farmers or walk behind tillers for non-professional gardeners.

Robot Tractors

Collaborating with Hokkaido University, Yanmar has developed a robot tractor for future farming!

Yanmar Marine Engines

Yanmar provides a comprehensive range of highly efficient and durable marine diesel engines, all of which comply with global emissions standards.

Commercial Marine Engines

Yanmar’s beginnings were in the marine industry and today they produce both heavy and light duty marine diesel engines suitable for a wide range of commercial sea vessels.

Powerboat Engines

Powerboat propulsion, manoeuvring systems and accessories such as the joy stick control enabling a smoother ride.

Sail boat and smaller boat engines

Weight and noise are minimum whilst power is strong and efficient – Yanmar produce a comprehensive range of engines for sail boats and smaller vessels.

Other Yanmar Equipment

Generator Sets

Used in a range of applications, Yanmar produce diesel generators, gas generators, and gas turbines. Emergency use generators provide back up for industry, construction, factories, schools, hospitals, hotels and more.

Smart Assist

Using GPS and a communication terminal, smart assist can be used across multiple industries providing vital location information, maintenance and operating data.

Yanmar Parts UK

Genuine Yanmar parts meet the highest standards and are built to last – maintaining your Yanmar engine is important, by buying only genuine Yanmar parts you will maintain your engine’s performance with its original standards. Yanmar parts are available from authorised dealers across the world.

Yanmar engines are used in a wide range of applications and industries, contact AT Wilde, your UK Yanmar dealers for more information.

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