Celebrating The 50th Anniversary Of Yanmar's First Mini Excavator

For over 50 years now, Japanese born company Yanmar have enjoyed a position as world leaders in the development of compact construction equipment. Significantly contributing to the development of infrastructure and offering the industry a range of new solutions with its superior quality products and services.

Yanmar firstThe year of 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of Yanmar’s first mini excavator. The YNB300 was launched in 1968, it was the first ever wheeled, self propelled, mini excavator powered by a Yanmar diesel engine. This revolutionised the response to the demands in manual labour requirements on the construction site, as urban development soared during the first economic boom of Japan which occurred in the 1960s.

Prior to the development of the first mini excavator, the Japanese construction industry had relied on manual tools such as the traditional pickaxe or shovel, with workers carrying out labour intensive tasks in restricted spaces. Yanmar was tasked with creating equipment to make labour in small cramped areas as efficient and effective as that used in larger construction sites; the solution was the YNB300 –  a major breakthrough, revolutionising the construction industry and providing a much more efficient and effective solution in terms of time, labour and cost. The YNB300 was able to operate in the tight and confined work spaces typical of urban Japan. It was from this first model that the first line of compact construction machinery was born.

Yanmar have since released a wide range of products and models to keep up with ever changing trends, all of which are embedded with their outstanding Japanese quality procedures. This involves tackling environmental issues, reducing noise pollution and incorporating safety mechanisms to help in the event of a machine over turning.

Following the success of the YNB300, in 1972 Yanmar introduced the YB600C – a mini excavator with improved driver performance and the addition of swing boom which could slide from left to right. This enabled excavation against walls, a significant improvement.  Two years later in 1972, the first mini construction equipment with a cabin and a low noise design, was launched with the YB2000. This was followed by the introduction of the YB1200 in 1975, which successfully established the basis for the modern mini excavator. Yanmar have since released numerous models of compact excavators as well as other construction equipment, each one providing improved superior features.

To commemorate the anniversary of the universally successful YNB300, Yanmar have introduced the special edition red livery for its SV60 mini-excavator, which is designed to provide the space saving benefits of a more compact machine, with the performance of a mini excavator. 

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